Jallaba & Manware

 Man in a traditional Jalaba looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from Essaouira, town in Morocco; is a famous picture about men in Jalaba in Morocco. The Jalaba is the tradition ware for men also in religious and national events. Many types of Jalaba are born too just to adjust the styles of our days, more on this one later in my ebook on Jalaba.
Traditionally djellabas are made of wool in different shapes and colors though nowadays lightweight textile like cashmir djellabas have replaced wool djellabas in emigrant communities in the West, e.g., Paris, Brussels, et cetera. Among the Berbers, or Imazighen, such as Imilshil in the Atlas Mountains, the color of a djellaba indicates the marital status (single or married) of the bearer —a dark brown djellaba indicating bachelorhood.
Traditionally, djellabas reached down to the ground but the lightweight textile djellabas are somewhat slimmer and shorter. Men often wear a light-colored djellaba sometimes along with a red Fez Hat (Tarbosh) and soft yellow slippers (babouche) for religious celebrations and weddings.
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